Dress of lace

Everyone needs a lace dress in their wardrobe, whether it is full, tight, loose, or boxy, they are classic. For today’s tutorial I made a boxier version, that hugs my hips. Dress of lace love how it turned out and was shocked at how easy and straight forward it was. There isn’t much hemming, measuring, or sewing at all.

And if you decide not to make lining underneath, it could make a great swimsuit cover up! Use a boxy top or dress and lay it out on top of your lace. Make sure that will be the width of the bottom of the dress. If you are cutting out the fabric with just a top, then use your length from shoulder to knee and taper from your chest to the opening measurement. Sew up the sides and the shoulders. Repeat with the lining, making it just a little tighter.

Cut the neckline lower and hem the neckline and the sleeves. Makibg sure that the lace will poke out further than the lining to create that lacey edge. Then match up the shoulder seams and hand sew the seams together on the seam line so it will be a little hidden. Do the same under the armpit area. Trim the bottom of the dress, the sleeves, and the neckline to follow the lace pattern. White lace is a summer staple, and I love the small detail of clipping the lace following the pattern!